QSL Cards of Bristol Stations

Many thanks to John – G4DVV, Chas – G3TTZ, Dave – G3YNH, John – G3IZM, Roy – G3FYX, Dave – G4DPJ, Ron – G4GTD, Shire Club – GX4AHG, who have made valuable contributions.

Clubs, Repeaters and Special Event Stations

The RSGB Bristol Group
Bristol Contest Group
Bristol Contest Group
Bristol Contest Group
Bristol Contest Group
Longleat Mobile Rally
Avon & Somerset Constabulary
Bristol & District ARS
Bristol ARC
Bristol ARC
HTV Bristol
Shirehampton ARC
Special Event Stations
150th Anniversary of Bristol Zoo
Bristol 600 Exhibition
Cabot Day
Bristol 600 S.S. Great Britain
Horfield Baptist Church
SS Great Britain
Southmead Hospital League of Friends
Portishead Cruising Club
Rolls Royce Exhibition Station
W-o-T Primary School
Rugby World Cup 1999
RSGB National Convention 1954 Exhibition Station
ICI Avonmouth
John Cabot 500th Anniversary
Festival of Britain, 1951
Scout Special Event Stations
26th Bristol North Scouts
Somerset Scout Jamboree, 1982
Bristol West Scouts
1st Almondsbury Scouts
Kimberley Venture Scouts
Torchent Venture Scouts
Bristol Channel Repeater
Wells Repeater
Wells Repeater1987-88
Wells Repeater 1988-89

Pre-War Callsigns

I have been fairly generous here, including calls from the surrounding counties as well as Bristolians. Where known the dates of early cards are given.

Edward “Pop” Weaver
Artificial Aerial Licences
S.J.L. Pitchford
Brian A. Wilbraham
J. & K. Monckton
R.A. Webber, 18/1/1926
Sidney Vinicombe
Arthur C.H. Waters
Cyril N. Chapman
Cyril Chapman
C.W. “Mick” Cragg
Bill Edwards
Full Licences
F Colston Hardwell, 1927
Ernie Howell
Geoffrey C. Manning
R.H.N. Johnson
Don F. Davies
Don F. Davies
T. Charles Bryant
Harold W. “Len” Leonard
Harold W. “Len” Leonard
Frank H. Watts
W.A. Andrews, 28/3/26
Bristol Technical College
Norman Walker
Ken Harvey
Gilbert Tonkin, 16/12/25
L. Hill
Ben Wallich
Harry J. Gratton
Leonard Lott, 30/11/25
Eric Gaukrodger
R.A. Bartlett, 1927
R.A. Bartlett, 1927
C.R. Ponting
Phil Malvern
RAF Locking

Post War Calls

Les G. Coote
Gerald O.J. Parfitt
Harry Hooper
Vic Newport
Roy T. Poeton
S.J. Lloyd
Alf V.C. Glanville
Ken Ottery
James H.A. Newth
Gerald A. Harris
Roy W. Emery
George Day
Bob McVey
Reg Elsworthy
Chris Spackman
Dudley John West
Bob Clapp
Cyril Blizzard
Bruce Sutherland
John Britton
D.J. Warford
F. John Andrews
George Allen
Gordon S. Loveday
Hugh J. Tyson
Mervyn L. Owen
John Harper-Bill
Christopher C. Jeffery
Sydney F. Crowther
Ted (E.C.) Halliday
Ron Hinchcliffe
H.M. Hayfield
Gordon C. Moore
Ronald Vowles
John Reynolds
Martyn Phillips
Martyn Phillips
John L. Marshall
Frank Gowen
Roger Powell
Mike N. Egan
Phil Whitchurch
Eddie J. Davies
H.A. Parrot
Robin Thompson
Robin Thompson
Keith J. Winnard
Colston Toogood
Charles A. Watkins
Charles A. Watkins
Brian Croker
I. Currell
Ken Clark
Cyril Masters
Jeremy Hooper
Roger Horsman
Roger Horsman
Ken G. George
Ken R. Brooks
Vernon Baldwin
Maurice F. Wilkins
Cedric Marshall
Alan B. Williams
Edward G. Jones
Philip Durham
Bob Cox
Tom Abrahams
Bob Norman
Addy H. Kelle
Mark Tooley
Bob Manley
S.G. Spencer
Ron E. Fineman
R.W. Andrews
R.H. Cook
Brian M. Woodcock
Tony (A.P.L.) Hall
Roger J. Stanleigh
Dave Wear
Bert Thayer
Dave Barwood
Keith Middleton
Andrew d. York
Geoff Plucknett
Bill H. Beacham
Gary Orford
John H. Cook
Martyn E. Weaver
Les Trembeth
John Woodham
Paul Morgan
Andrew Imianowski
Maurice T. Reynolds
Gary Pearce
Patrick Walsh
Ron Eastham
Clive Maby
Matt Beasant
Brian G. Robbins
Tom A. Farmer
J. Audrey Organ
Sue & Kevin Cowdell
Bryan J. Collins
G5’s – Overseas Reciprocal Licences
Jan D. Lutterot (PA0LUT)
G6’s – Class B (historically)
Peter Grosjean
Kevin Kelly
Richard Williams
John A. Frampton
Richard Youell
Terry Dunsford
Bob Douglas
G8’s – Class B (historically)
John Woodham
Alan J. Pullen
Tony Zerafa
H.W. Portch
Dave R. Stone
William M. Bell
Tom Abrahams
Terry E.A. Rowe
Peter Hill
Steve J. Trott
Bill Snow
Ray Jones
Dr Chris Newton
Nigel Cox
Stuart Lindsay
Ron King
Raymond L. Shaddick
Tony Zerafa
Andy Cowley
M3’s – Foundation Licences
Andy Cowley
Robin Thompson
Gordon S. Loveday
Martyn E. Weaver
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