9H6YB in IOTA 2019

Four members of the Bristol Contest Group went to Malta in 2019 for the IOTA Contest at the end of July. They were kindly hosted again by the Marconi Amateur Radio League located in Mtarfa using the call 9H6YB for the IOTA Contest weekend of 27th/28th July.

9H6YB Team (left to right: Colin G3YHV, Paul M1DSE, Robin G3TKF, Alan G3XSV)

Conditions were poor compared to the previous year with few 10m openings to the rest of Europe. We entered the Multi-Op One High Power Section making approx 1960 QSOs before adjudication.

As for our other DXpeditions, all QSLs for this operation should be sent via G3SWH .

G6YB/P in National Field Day 2018

Antennas at night

Ops Steve G3ZVW and Alan G3XSV

The Optibeam

About the Bristol Contest Group

The Bristol Contest Group is a very successful sub-group within the Bristol RSGB Group.  Our purpose is to promote amateur radio contesting within the region.  We participate in a wide variety of activities and contests.  Over the past 15 years we have been prominent in the leader tables of RSGB contests such as Islands on the Air, Club Championships, Field Days and the Affiliated Societies Super League.  Bristol CG's most notable success has been in the IOTA Contest where it has been overall winner four times, which is more than any other group.

The call signs used by the group include: G6YB (and regional variants GJ6YB, GD6YB, GX6YB, GT6YB, GW6YB), EJ2MT, and PJ2Y.

QSL Information

G6YB and all variants: Via Bureau or direct to G3SWH

PJ2 QSL Cards:

All QSLs for contacts with our group members PJ2/***** via their home calls please.

QSLs for PJ2Y to G3SWH.

EJ2MT: Via Bureau or direct to Dennis EI6HB (QTHR)

QSL Cards