1930’s Events

Hamfests, Provincial District Meetings and DF Hunts were regular events in the 1930’s.

A list of the names and callsigns of the amateurs who signed the programmes illustrated below and on the linked pages. The list is a bit ragged as some of the signatures are very hard to read. I am sure some of our members will be able to help me fill in more details. If you can help, please contact the web administrator via email or at a club meeting.


The program is signed inside by many of the attendees. The photographs are annotated with callsigns for some of those present at the 1932 Conventionette Dinner.

District also held D.F. Hunts. It was quite an achievement in those days to produce a mobile direction finding rig. Everything appears to be home brewed.





1936 District 5 (Western) Provincial Meeting
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