G2IK – Geoffrey C. Manning (1910-1982)

G2IK was one of several stations who could be heard on 160m AM net on a Sunday morning up the 1980’s


G2IK - Geoffrey Manning

Geffrey Charles Manning (1910-1982)

I first met Geoff when I was 10 (1956). He worked with my father in the drawing office at the South West Electricity board offices in Fishponds . He and xyl Gwen would often come to see my parents . Geoff told me of his hobby and I would catch the number 4 bus from Staple Hill to Norton Road in Knowle on a Sunday morning to visit his shack. As I remember it Geoff had a pair of 807s modulated with a pair of 6L6s to produce a solid 100w of AM. We would talk to his friend “Bunny” G2BGA on 40m and occasionally venture onto a wide open 10m and talk to the world.

Geoff inspired me to become licensed and I still have, and occasionally use his Vibroplex “bug” key. Gwen and my mother were lifelong friends spending many years on holiday together. 

Well that did it for me!!

Robin Thompson – G3TKF

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