Notable Events

Pre-War Events 1933-37

The Bristol Group organised a stand at the 1935 Bristol Radio Exhibition, held in the Bristol Coliseum, and received fulsome praise from John Clarricoats, G6CL, in the “Bull” for October.

In 1937 the B.A.R.S (Bristol Amateur Radio Society), not the group, obtained the licence G8LL. G8xx licences were issued in the last few years before the war.

In April the same year, intrepid amateurs arrived by aeroplane at Whitchurch for the Provincial District meeting, held in Bristol. Vic Desmond, G5GM, was a member of the RSGB Council.

Bristol Radio Exhibition
A Bristol Club Call
Arrivals by Plane

Post War Events

1951 – Festival of Britain

The Bristol Group of the R.S.G.B. put on an exhibition station, G6YA/A for the “Our way of life” festival exhibition in BS7. The call G6YA belonged to Arthur Radford. Operators included G2IK, Geoff Manning.

1954 – RSGB National Convention

1959 – Methodist Amateur Radio Exhibition

GB3BM – the special call-sign of the first Methodist Amateur Radio Exhibition held during the Methodist Conference at Bristol, July 6th to 16th 1959. It made 196 QSOs with the 172 AT Stations is 32 countries and got 31 SWL reports from 7 countries.

The local R.S.G.B Group and its Chairman Eric (G2FYT) were most kind, especially in loaning their field day poles and putting them up under the direction of Vic (G3CHW).

1973 – Bristol 73

The Bristol Group of the R.S.G.B. commemorated the 600th. Anniversary of the granting of the Royal Charter to the City and County of Bristol by the operation of a radio station, GB2GB aboard the S.S. Great Britain in the Great Western Dock during the month of August, 1973.

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