G5KT – Kenneth Tuxford Harvey (1911-1997)

G5KT - Ken Harvey
G5KT Ken Harvey QSL Card

Ken Harvey was a long time member of the Bristol Group. According to the 1939 Census he was a storekeeper for an Electrical Wholesaler who supplied government contracts.

The callsign G5KT was issued in 1933 and Ken made his first contact on August 12th on 7MHz CW with G6AZ in Leeds. On the first page of his logbook he notes two stations he worked on CW were actually pirates (D4SF in Cologne and G6AU in London). His first phone contact was on August 19th with G2FC in Bristol on 7MHz. On Feb10th 1912 he made his first contact in Asia with YI7RK in Iraq on 7MHz CW.

Ken regularly went operating from alternative locations from sites in Cold Ashton and Rudgeway according to his logbook. Inside one of the logbooks were these 2 checklists.

G5KT Portable Checklist
G5KT Portable Checklist

Ken used to offer his services to design and provide QSL cards and advertised in Short Wave Magazine.

G5KT QSL Cards advertisement in Short Wave Magazine

All his logbooks are now part of the this archive and amongst them this log of his DX logging was found. Below is a page from 1939.

G5KT Logbook 1939

Prior to 1939 and the outbreak of war Ken created the following graph to show his radio activities.

G5KT Activity

Another exercise book was also found with his logbooks where he detailed all the countries he worked by band.

G5KT - Ken Harvey
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