National Field Day (CW) 2015 - 2018

NFD 2015

Members of the RSGB Bristol Contest Group entered RSGB CW NFD as G6YB/P on 6/7th June. The location was near Marshfield in Wiltshire. Weather was fine and we had a great weekend. Well worth the effort !

We were in the Open Section, but treated this as a learning exercise as we had never operated a two radio single signal set-up before. As a result we had quite a lot of configuration problems with the logging software and spent some time getting used to the Elecraft K3s, spotting SDR and software.

HF antennas were 2 x Optibeam 11-3 at 70ft + 40m rotary dipole, plus dipoles for the LF bands.

Result: 4th in the Open Section


NFD 2016

Fewer problems with the setup this time, but a similar result to the previous year. Same location and equipment (Elecraft K3s) and antenna line-up as 2015. Not suprisingly we got the same result...

Result: 4th again in the Open Section


NFD 2018

No operation in NFD 2017, but back in action in Marshfield with a similar 2 radio set-up to the previous years. This year we managed 3rd place in the Low Power Assisted section. Fabulous weather made the weekend really enjoyable ! Conditions were really good with long openings on all the HF bands. However there was a clash with the Friedrichshaven Hamfest which reduced the number of /P stations. No sign of the Scandinavian stations we normally work and reduced number of Russian /P stations.

Result: 3rd in the Low Power Assisted Section
Operators: G3TKF G3SWH G3XSV G3ZVW and G4FKA

The Night Shift at NFD 2015

G6YB NFD 2015

The Team at NFD 2018

G6YB NFD Team 2018

(L to R) Alan G3XSV, Robin G3TKF, Colin G3YHV, Dave G4NKT, Geoff G4FKA, Steve G3ZVW

Other Photos from NFD 2015 to 2018 - Click Photos to enlarge

NFD 2015 Antennas 2015

NFD 2016 - In the paddock In the paddock for NFD 2016

NFD 2018 Antennas Antennas 2018

NFD 2018 Operating Operating 2028