The Jersey Years GJ6YB 2007 - 2014

Over the eight wonderful years operating in the IOTA contest from Jersey the Group built up a formidable array of equipment, antennas, and transport to enable us to be dominant in the competition. During this time from 2007 to 2014 we won the Island Multi-operator section four times, we came second twice, and came third once (though we were still top "Island Expedition" station that year.

The first visit in 2007 was by a small team of six to try and work out the logistics. We were allowed to operate from a German World War 2 Ranging Tower. Although it was quite an experience we had a lot of challenges with setup. But we were able to explore some alternative sites and make some contacts for the following years.

By 2008 we had formed a larger team and a better operating location which led to our first win.

We had to keep on developing our antennas and equipment over the next few years to stay ahead of the competition.

Many thanks to the wonderful and helpful people we met on Jersey, who were happy to help us each year.

Caravan and double awnings which housed the Run Station and catering

Run Station

Other Photos Jersey 2007 to 2014 - Click Photos to enlarge

Run station & Antennas - 2008

Run Station

The Dirty Dozen" - Winning team of 2008

Run Station

Winning team of 2010

Team of 2010