Club Activities

Pre-War Activities

1932 Programme
1932 District 5
Conventionette Programme
1933 Program
1933 District 5
1934 Program
1934 Distict 5
1935 Programme
1935 Provincial District
Meeting Programme

Before WWII District meetings, Conventionettes and Hamfests were all held in hotels and involved a 5 course meal. These programs were signed by many of those present. Some photographs of events and detailed scans of the programmes are available by clicking this paragraph.

See also some QSL cards of Bristol Amateurs, the main history page where there are links to views of some early shacks and this list of attendees at the events.

Post WWII Activities

There were 18 members present at the first meeting after the war and numbers rose steadily during the first year to around 36. In these early days meetings seem to have taken place in members homes. Each meeting included a talk, either by a member or by a visitor. During the first year the titles included :-

Post War Station Planning
April 22nd., 1945
G6RB, Arthur Bartlett
Station Planning
May 27th., 1945
G5KT, Ken Harvey
June 24th., 1945
G6VF, Mr. S.M. Illman
Demonstration of a Signal Tracer
July 29th., 1945
G2HFG, Bill Edwards
A Signal Generator
September 23rd., 1945
G5KT, Ken Harvey
A Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
November 29th., 1945
G6VF, Mr. S.M. Illman
RADAR in the R.A.F.
December 20th., 1945
G5UH, Reg Griffin
The 56 Mc/s Band
February 22., 1946
Trans-Atlantic Contact with a Single Chassis 807 Transmitter
March 22nd., 1946
G2BAR, Bert Uppington

The 1980 AGM

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