CQWW SSB 2001 with East Cork Group EI7M

Bristol and East Cork Contest Groups joined forces for CQWW SSB 2001. And what a combination it was! The previous Irish record, which had stood for many years, was beaten.

The EI7M team

EI7M Group Photo 2001

L to R: Alan G3XSV, John EI8IR, Dave EI4BZ, Jerry EI6BT, Jim EI8GS, Geoff G4FKA, Robin G3TKF, Jeremy, Neil EI3JE, Cormac EI4HQ (+ Wilf M0WLF missing)

At that time the East Cork Group had use of the old Fog Station at Poer Head. This cliff-top site has a spectacular view over the sea.

The Bristol contingent travelled over by Ferry towing one of their mobile towers. The Fog Station had electricity, but the station had to be set up from scratch. Antennas were built and installed on towers or fixed to poles that were on the site. Have a look at the pictures below to see how this was done.


Section         Score QSOs Zones Countries Position   
Multi-One HP 9,563,686 6,586 153 605 #1 Ireland, #6 Europe

EI7M Certificate 2001

Photo Gallery:- CQ WW 2001 EI7M

Poer Head Co. Cork

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Setting up

Fog Station

The old Fog Station at Poer Head

Mounting TH7

Mounting the TH7 on Tower

winding up tower

Winding up the Cushcraft A3S and 40m Beams

A3S installation

Pole mounting the Cushcraft A3S

another pole

Another pole to be climbed

Fog Station on the Cliffs

Fog Station on the Cliffs

antennas up

All Anteennas in place

Antennas at dusk

Antennas at dusk

Antennas sunset Vert

Antennas at Sunset

Geoff operating

Geoff G4FKA operating

John and Alan

John EI8IR and Alan G3XSV operating

John, Neil & G3XSV operating

John EI8IR, Neil EI3JE & Alan G3XSV operating

Time to Celebrate

Time to Celebrate

L to R: Wilf M0WLF, John EI8IR, Alan G3XSV, Dave EI4BZ (hidden), Neil EI3JE, Jim EI8GS, Robin G3TKF, Jerry EI6BT