CQ WPX 2000 (SSB) as GX6YB

This was the group's first go at a 48 hour World-wide contest in four years, and it remains our most successful as you can see from the results below.

We operated from a site called Hanging Hill on the edge of Lansdown that we had used the previous year for SSB Field Day. Conditions were very good that weekend, but the signal reports showed that this site was outstanding.

There was so much activity on the HF Bands that we didn't spend enough time on the LF bands and missed 40m completely. However this was the result:

#1 England
#3 Europe
#8 World


Vic G0WKW(now SM7ZDI) Robin G3TKF, Alan G3XSV, Neil M0AXF(now EI7JE), Stuart G4KDS, Matt G7ORR(M0MAT)


Band QSOs QSO Pts Prefixes Total Points
160 36 72 18
80 217 516 137
40 0 0 0
20 1230 3041 308
15 1357 3135 245
10 2296 6054 436
Raw Totals 5136 12818 1144
FINAL SCORE 5099 12799 1131 14,475,669


Sound Clip

CLICK HERE and Listen to some impressive operating
as Vic works a station in English and Russian


View from the Site

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View from Site

Spectacular 180° view from our site to the North East over the Bristol Channel.