CQ WPX 1993 as GU6YB/P

This was the first major outing for the Bristol CG. How did we end up doing the CQ WPX Contest from the Channel Islands ?
Well in the 1990s Colin G3YHV had a next door neighbour (Addy G4AYB) who owned a boat. In fact is was a 54ft Twin Diesel Cruiser called the Tappit Hen.

All the equipment, poles, antennas and hardware was brought from Bristol down to the dock in Poole and loaded onboard. Thankfully it was a calm crossing, but unfortunately all the gear had to be walked off the ship by hand which took about one and a half hours

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The Island of Alderney in the This Bailiwick of Guernsey and has a GU prefix. It only had one resident ham and therefore was farely sort after by island hunters. That is why Phil set up his own portable station for use on CW.

All poles were erected using a gin pole. The 3 element Triband TT Beam was put on one mast and another used to support the inverted V dipoles.


Certificate awarded by CQ Magazine

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#1 Guernsey, #11 Europe, #29 World

OUR SCORE: Multi-op Single TX Section

QSOs Prefixes Total Points
3,219 831 6,372,939

EQUIPMENT:- TS930 Transceiver, TL922 Linear Amp

CREW:- Roger G4WBV, Tom G3OLB, Guentin G0IHE

CONTEST OPERATORS:- Andy G4OJH, Bob G4UJS, Robin G3TKF, Nigel G0JZA, Clive G4NAQ, Colin G3YHV

CW station op:- Phil G3SWH

Expedition to Alderney 1993 for CQ WW WPX Contest

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Addy G4AYB

Skipper - Addy G4AYB

Tappit Hen

The Tappit Hen

Team onboard

The Team on board

Tribander erection

Erecting the Triband Beam

Town street

Town of St. Anne

Andy G4OJH

Andy G4OJH operating


Bob G4UJS operating

Phil CW