80m Club Championships

About the Club Championships

The Club Championships started in 2004 to provide a platform for amateur radio clubs across the UK encourage contesting. Since then participation has increased as competition has hotted up.

The rules have been kept simple so that all stations can compete. Unlike the AFC contests all logs count towards the club's score. This provides an incentive for new contest operators to join in and also include operators that have difficulty putting up full sized aerials at home,

From the start Bristol CG were well positioned, but we started a winning run in 2007 which lasted until the split into Local and General Categories in 2012.

By 2011 there were several groups with members widely spread round the UK. So in 2012 the HF Contest Committee created two sections, one for Local groups that were all located within an 80 Km radius, and a General Section for those who wanted to compete at a mational level. As Bristol CG had several members further away we entered the General Section. In 2020 after an influx of new members in and around Bristol we felt the Local section better fits our distribution of members.

As our first year of entry in the Local Club section is getting under way this seems to have been a good decision.


Year Position Total Section
2004 4th 6,214 -
2005 2nd 11,256 -
2006 3rd 8,307 -
2007 WON 11,697 -
2008 WON 112,195 -
2009 WON 126,122 -
2010 WON 146,181 -
2011 WON 147,869 -
2012 2nd 117,974 General
2013 2nd 127,277 General
2014 6th 86,731 General
2015 6th 91,200 General
2016 5th 71,429 General
2017 6th 60,719 General
2018 4th 5,728 General
2019 4th 44,752 General
2020 4th 61,967 General